Tail Lights is the world's first LED lighting safety system specifically designed for Mounted Patrol Units of Law Enforcement.  With over a mile visibility, up to 45 hours of use on a single charge on certain settings, wireless keychain operation, multicolor capabilities and of course the RED/BLUE flash patterns, there is nothing out there that competes with us.

We Currently Serve the following Horse Mounted Patrol Units:

  • Albuquerque Police Department, NM Denver County Sheriff, CO

  • United States Boarder Patrol Western Australia Mounted Patrol, AU

  • Gallatin Canyon Sheriff, MT Riverside County Sheriff, CA

  • Lexington Mounted Patrol, KY Los Angeles County Sheriff, CA

  • Washtenaw County Sheriff, MI Ventura County Sheriff, CA

  • Cheboygan County Sheriff Santa Monica County Sheriff, CA

  • Cheboygan Search and Rescue Washtenaw County Sheriff, MI

  • St. Petersburg Mounted, FLA Mobile County Sheriff, AL

  • Orlando Mounted Patrol, FLA Halifax Mounted Patrol, Canada

  • Savanah Sheriff Calgary Mounted, Canada

  • Cleveland State Park Mounted Patrol, OH Las Vegas Mounted Patrol, NV

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Our wireless system consists of 2 lights - a chest light, and a tail light.  Both are operated with a remote control.  Light weight and durable with a visibility of over 1 mile on low, this light does it all.  

With multiple colors to choose from to assimilate into the community for ease of community policing, but with a simple press of a button to go immediately into Law Enforcement mode.  This is a must have for all patrols and their 4 legged partners.

Durable and weather resistant makes it the perfect addition to the safety of every officer riding on the roads in any weather.




  • Visible for over 1 nautical mile on low

  • Quick charging - 1.5 hours to full recharge from empty

  • Remote control operated

  • Quickly changes to Law Enforcement Mode (Red/Blue flash) with a press of a button

  • Multicolor function allows for ease of community policing and civilian integration

  • 1 year full warranty.

  • 3 levels of brightness allow for all types of riding, and ensure comfort for both horses and riders when riding in groups.

  • Up to 45 hours of use on a single charge (color, brightness and flash pattern dependent)

  • Detachable chest light can clip easily to a dismounted officer for increased officer visibility while on the ground.


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Discounts start at 10% off purchases of 5 or more

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1 year warranty for peace of mind.

5 year free technical support