How Do I Attach the Tail Wrap?

Place the tail wrap logo side up as high on the tail as possible. (As pictured) Wrap the velcro under the base of the tail making sure that the rough side of the velcro does NOT touch the soft skin under the tail. ALL of the velcro must overlap the neoprene.
Secure snuggly, taking care not to cover the silver ring or clip site.


Pull as much tail hair through the silver safety ring at the bottom of the tail wrap.


Braid the section of hair back into the main tail and secure with a rubber band. ATTACHING TAIL LIGHT UNIT Cip the Tail Light unit to the webbing square located in the center of the tail wrap. If desired, secure the Tail Light unit to the tail wrap using the thin velcro piece at the top of the tail wrap.
Will my horse tolerate this?
Most horses tolerate Tail Lights without a problem. They are light, and most horses don't notice them on the tail. If there is any question to whether your horse will tolerate anything on it's tail, first apply the tail wrap and allow the horse to walk around. Once the horse has shown it will safely tolerate the tail wrap, place the Tail Light unit on the tail. Do not mount the horse until the horse is 100% comfortable with the unit on it's tail. Most horses get comfortable with the unit in 15 min. If there is any question, wait longer, and place the unit on the horse frequently prior to riding, for your safety. The LED strands are short enough that when the Tail moves side by side, they do not whip, or hurt the horse.
Will it impede a horses vision?
No. Tail lights front light is placed low on the chest, away from the head, and the Tail Light is on the tail - both out of the visual range of the horse and in it's blind spots
Will the Tail Light units get dirty when the horse goes to the bathroom?
NO. Because the Tail Light is attached to the tail of the horse, when the horse moves its tail out of the way when it urinates or defecates, the Tail Light will move out of the way as well. The Tail Light is also highly water resistant and can be cleaned easily with mild soap and water.
Is it easy to operate?
Yes. Each light is fully functional from the 3 buttons on the front case. The middle button is the ON/OFF and BRIGHTNESS button. The left button is the color change, and can access the Emergency patterns with a 3 second hold. The right button is pattern change, and on the premium models, Infrared mode with a 3 second hold.