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23371 Mulholland Drive #343
Woodland Hills, CA

TAIL LIGHTS are a revolutionary new LED safety lighting product for horses.  Placed on a specialized velcro tail wrap, the lights drape through the horses tail for maximum eyeline visibility, beauty and aesthetics.  Dress your horse and do it in style, all the while being safely visible while riding.   

With over 3000 accidents a year resulting in severe injury and even death from motorists. TAIL LIGHTS wants to make sure everyone can be seen in style

TAIL LIGHTS.  We help you to Be Visible.  Save Your Tail. 


Welcome Mounted Patrol


Tail Lights Overview

Tail Lights is the worlds first LED lighting safety system specifically designed for Mounted Patrol Units of Law Enforcement.  With over a mile visibility, up to 45 hours of use on a single charge on certain settings, wireless keychain operation, multicolor capabilities and of course the RED/BLUE flash patterns, there is nothing out there that competes with us.

We Currently Serve the following Horse Mounted Patrol Units:

  • Albuquerque Police Department, NM                            Denver County Sheriff, CO
  • United States Boarder Patrol                                            Western Australia Mounted Patrol, AU
  • Gallatin Canyon Sheriff, MT                                                Riverside County Sheriff, CA
  • Lexington Mounted Patrol, KY                                          Los Angeles County Sheriff, CA
  • Washtenaw County Sheriff, MI                                          Ventura County Sheriff, CA
  • Cheboygan County Sheriff                                                    Santa Monica County Sheriff, CA
  • Cheboygan Search and Rescue                                           Washtenaw County Sheriff, MI
  • St. Petersburg Mounted, FLA                                              Mobile County Sheriff, AL
  • Orlando Mounted Patrol, FLA                                            Halifax Mounted Patrol, Canada
  • Savanah Sheriff                                                                         Calgary Mounted, Canada
  • Cleveland State Park Mounted Patrol, OH                    Las Vegas Mounted Patrol, NV
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Tail Lights Rider System

Our wireless system consists of 2 lights - a chest light, and a tail light.  Both are operated with a remote control.  Light weight and durable with a visibility of over 1 mile on low, this light does it all.  

With multiple colors to choose from to assimilate into the community for ease of community policing, but with a simple press of a button to go immediately into Law Enforcement mode.  This is a must have for all patrols and their 4 legged partners.

Durable and weather resistant makes it the perfect addition to the safety of every officer riding on the roads in any weather.




  • Visible for over 1 nautical mile on low
  • Quick charging - 1.5 hours to full recharge from empty
  • Remote control operated
  • Quickly changes to Law Enforcement Mode (Red/Blue flash) with a press of a button
  • Multicolor function allows for ease of community policing and civilian integration
  • 1 year full warranty.
  • 3 levels of brightness allow for all types of riding, and ensure comfort for both horses and riders when riding in groups.
  • Up to 45 hours of use on a single charge (color, brightness and flash pattern dependent)
  • Detachable chest light can clip easily to a dismounted officer for increased officer visibility while on the ground.  

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Discounts on multiple orders

Discounts start at 15% off on purchases of 5 or more

Discounts of 20% on purchases of 6 or more.

1 year warranty for peace of mind.