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23371 Mulholland Drive #343
Woodland Hills, CA

TAIL LIGHTS are a revolutionary new LED safety lighting product for horses.  Placed on a specialized velcro tail wrap, the lights drape through the horses tail for maximum eyeline visibility, beauty and aesthetics.  Dress your horse and do it in style, all the while being safely visible while riding.   

With over 3000 accidents a year resulting in severe injury and even death from motorists. TAIL LIGHTS wants to make sure everyone can be seen in style

TAIL LIGHTS.  We help you to Be Visible.  Save Your Tail. 




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We have been using Tail-Lights PRO Mounted Patrol series in the Halifax Regional Police Mounted Patrol for the past three months and it is one of the best built and most innovative pieces of safety gear I have used in my 16 yrs in policing. Visibility is unsurpassed and I am constantly getting comments from citizens and colleagues alike that there is no missing the horse with the tail-lights on, not to mention the conversation it drums up with the public, which you just don’t get driving a car.

The brightness setting is easy to manipulate from the saddle and gives me the option to increase brightness in daytime operations to increase my visibility or dim down the brightness for night ops so I don’t compromise the vision of the rider or driving public behind me, and there is no mistaking we are the police with the red and blue strobes. The flashing green and red setting is sure to be a hit during the Christmas parades, not to mention the additional light settings for other festivals.

The SOS setting and high visiblity yellow patterns will be extremely valuable for Mounted Search & Rescue ops.
The battery last quite a while. I have personally ran the lights for 16 hrs through the work week and then intentionally left them on in my tack room for 48 hrs running constantly before they died. That’s 64 hrs on one charge. I also have to say they have stood up to the weather the North Atlantic Ocean throws at us in our harbour city.

Tail-Lights beats the hell out of just riding in reflective gear and $5 button lights that you require four of to light up the horse and they never make it through an entire shift.
Finally, the owner/operator, Sami Gros has also been nothing less than totally accommodating when contacted and is constantly checking in on us to see if we have any issues or questions. Tail-Lights will be a permanent part of our tack from here on.
— Cst Chris Tracey & P/H Juno Halifax Regional Police Mounted Patrol Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
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