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23371 Mulholland Drive #343
Woodland Hills, CA

TAIL LIGHTS are a revolutionary new LED safety lighting product for horses.  Placed on a specialized velcro tail wrap, the lights drape through the horses tail for maximum eyeline visibility, beauty and aesthetics.  Dress your horse and do it in style, all the while being safely visible while riding.   

With over 3000 accidents a year resulting in severe injury and even death from motorists. TAIL LIGHTS wants to make sure everyone can be seen in style

TAIL LIGHTS.  We help you to Be Visible.  Save Your Tail. 


Mounted Patrol Gallery

Today more than ever, community integration of police officers is a vital core of proactive law enforcement.  For community integration to work, police need to become partners with citizens.  This can only be achieved if police officers are perceived as less distant, more personal, and less militaristic.

 The Tail Lights PRO Mounted Patrol series help bridge the ever increasing divide between law enforcement and civilians while offering a huge visibility advantage for mounted patrol units that are routinely forced to operate within the confines of public roads.

Visibility --  With over 1 mile of visibility, the Tail Lights PRO series for Mounted Patrol greatly enhance the high visibility nature of mounted patrol units and increases officer safety.

Adaptability - With the  ability to change patterns and colors allows police officers to blend in with civilian events seamlessly creating a visual show of force, and serve as an integration factor to the community.  This integration lowers the intimidation factor and allows for a more effective community policing with unparalleled officer safety included.

Unparalleled officer safety -  Tail Lights' range of brightness settings and law enforcement colors and patterns offer a commanding visual presence, night or day.

Public Perception - When used in routine patrol or in support of public activities, the bonus color patterns help to positively affect public perception, enhancing both community integration and approachability.  

Versatility - Patriotic (red/white/blue), Christmas (red/green), Winter (blue/white), Breast Cancer Awareness (pink), Gay Pride Festivals (red/yellow/blue/white/green/pink) patterns help allow the police to have a multiplier of force, while showing support to the public thus softening the "us vs them" mentality, and facilitating integration and dialogue.

Ease of use -   Long lasting red and blue lighting combinations quickly identify the mounted patrol unit as law enforcement.  (strobe/flash combo, code 3, fade in/out) and can allow mounted officers a distinct advantage in showing the public when they are approachable and when they are not. 

Emergency -  Built in SOS features along with yellow directionals allow for use in almost any situation and can be easly seen by airships in the case of an officer emergency.  High visible yellow patterns with unmatched visibility (strobe, flash, directionals, S.O.S.) help officers immediately signal for help and can easily communicate to other officers over a great distances visually.  

Customizable - We will work with any department to meet their individual needs such as light patterns and colors at a low cost.  We offer demo units to any inquiring department, as well as discounts to all military and police families for standard units.

The Tail Lights PRO units are rugged and designed for the working professional.  With a battery life of over 23.5 hours on high flashing blue/red strobe, and over 180 hours on low strobe, the unit will be ready for whatever is needed of it.